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   After nearly a century of development, KONE has become the world's largest elevator and escalator supplier industry, which consists of the Finnish parent company (KONE Corporation) and subsidiaries in more than 50 countries, employs around 39,000 employees. KONE products are manufactured at production sites in Europe, Asia and North America. KONE is committed to providing sales elevators, escalators and moving walkways for the global customer, installation and maintenance services. Meanwhile, KONE is a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly energy-saving products industry, has long been an innovative and leading-edge technology praised by worldwide acclaim.
KONE firm's mission to promote our efforts to return the developer's investment to achieve vision of the architect, the integration of different styles of architecture, to every ride KONE elevators or escalators for passengers with comfortable and pleasant experience. KONE Group believes that the only way we can truly add luster to your building.
In China, KONE Elevator Co., Ltd. was established in December 1996, is the most important of KONE's elevator and escalator production base in the Asia Pacific region.



    Kone Elevator
KONE to focus on quality and famous, to introduce the most advanced manufacturing technology and management technology to ensure high-quality products; In addition, Kone Elevator is bound to open up the market to invest more in product quality. Such as motors, inverters, control components, door systems, speed feedback device, the hoisting rope weighing apparatus, planetary gears, brakes, wheel, sprocket, and no room and high-speed elevators, etc. used are imported, a large number of imported parts, durable and reliable quality of the products provided a guarantee.