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   McQuay in 1982 fully acquired the Westinghouse American International Group (WESTING HOUSE SA) central air conditioning unit; 1987 acquisition of Europe's oldest air conditioning company WESPER company; in 1988 acquired the famous American company AAF air purification equipment company; 1995 Britain has a long history of air-conditioning, refrigeration company J & E Hall to join forces even stronger McQuay, McQuay products have been covered since then industrial, commercial and residential HVAC equipment, air filter and freezing, refrigerating the entire range of the unit, the main products include: centrifugal water-cooled, water-cooled and water-cooled piston screw chillers, absorption chillers, air-cooled screw, piston, scroll chillers, air source and water source heat pump, fan coil tube, air handlers, the roof and the whole commercial air conditioners, various types of commercial and household single cooling / heating and split air conditioners and water Guiji like.





   McQuay outdoor unit



   Home central air conditioning [classification]
According to the different transmission media can be divided into the home central air conditioning duct systems, cold / hot water unit and multi-linked system of three types.
First, the air duct system
Duct system home central air conditioning is the air as a transport medium, the use of district cooling chiller, the fresh air is cooled or heated, then mixed with the return air into the room. If there is no fresh air supply, ducted air conditioning system types of home central air return can only be cooled or heated. Such a low cost home central air conditioning and fresh air system to better improve air quality, allowing users to feel more comfortable.
Second, the water chiller
Such home central air conditioning is generally the choice of transmission media or direct use water glycol solution. It can produce the desired host by outdoor air conditioning cold / hot water, transported by the pipeline system to each end of the device in the room and heat exchange with the indoor air, thereby producing cold / hot air. Because this home central air conditioning fan coil fan speed can be adjusted for each air-conditioned room can be individually adjusted, so remarkable performance in energy efficiency.
Third, multi-line system
Here the so-called "multi-joint type system" is a refrigerant flow system. Such home central air conditioning refrigerant compressed transmission medium, a compressor can drive multiple indoor units, the outdoor heat exchanger outside of the host there, compressors and several other accessory combination. The indoor unit by direct evaporative heat exchanger and fan combination. By routing the refrigerant pipe of the outdoor unit to the indoor unit, controls the flow rate of refrigerant in the conduit and into the interior of each radiator cooling flow, to meet different load on the heat and moisture requirements of the room. Home central air conditioning advantage such that meet the needs of different rooms. While the energy saving performance is equally impressive.

   McQuay indoor unit



   McQuay chiller series module while maintaining the traditional chiller efficiency, compact dimensions
Nursing convenience, modular processing unit, through more mature McQuay intelligent centralized control module
System management functions, to achieve the unit from cold from 20RT to 960RT, cold span 10RT, can achieve up to hundreds
Flexible combinations thereof.

     McQuay WGZ-B series modular chillers wide range of uses, especially for large-scale shopping malls, hotels, medical
Homes, offices, entertainment venues, restaurants, supermarkets and other occasions, air conditioning, save operating costs and efficient air conditioning system,
In addition, the series is also suitable for industrial cooling units in a variety of applications.