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   1. Founded in 1991, Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is the world's largest R & D, production, sales and service in one of the state-controlled specialized air-conditioning business in 2011 achieved total revenue of 83.517 billion yuan, up by 37.35% ; net profit of 5.237 billion yuan, up by 22.48%; more than 5.3 billion yuan of tax, for 12 consecutive years ranked the US "Fortune" magazine "Top 100 Chinese listed companies."
2.2012 the first three quarters the company achieved total revenue of 77.164 billion yuan, an increase of 20.43%; net profit of 5.332 billion yuan, an increase of 41.34%, continue to maintain rapid and healthy development of the good momentum.
  Gree Electric's "Gree" air-conditioning, air-conditioning industry is China's only "world famous" products and services in more than 100 countries and regions. Air conditioners, domestic annual capacity of over 60 million units (sets), commercial air-conditioning with an annual capacity of 5.5 million units (sets); Since 2005, Gree air-conditioning production and sales for seven consecutive years the global leader.
As a large manufacturer of electrical products, a focus on air-conditioning, Gree Electric is committed to providing consumers worldwide with leading technology, high-quality air conditioning products. 9 in the world with large production bases in Zhuhai, Chongqing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang, Brazil and Pakistan, more than 80,000 employees, has been developed, including home air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, including 20 categories, 400 series , more than 7,000 varieties of products, can fully meet the various needs of different consumer groups; has more than 6000 patents, of which more than 1,300 patents, independent research and development of digital multi-unit ultra-low temperature, high efficiency DC inverter centrifugal chillers , multifunction warm residential central air-conditioning, 1 Hz inverter air conditioner, R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant air conditioning, super-efficient constant speed compressor and a series of "international leader" products, to fill gaps in the industry.
In the fierce competition in the market, Gree air-conditioning has won the bid in 2008, "Beijing Olympic Media Village" South Africa 2010 "World Cup" main stadium and a number of ancillary works, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games competition venues 14, 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic supporting projects and other famous international tender air conditioning, in the international arena has won wide popularity and influence, leading the "Made in China" to "Created in China."
"A no innovative company, is a soulless enterprise; without a core technology of the enterprise is not the backbone of the enterprise, without a backbone of people will never stand up." Looking to the future, Gree will adhere to the "science and technology to save the enterprise, quality technology enterprises, benefit and promote enterprise "development ideas, to" create the world's leading air-conditioning business, achievement Gree century brand in the world "as the goal for the" Made in China "contribute more power.



   Gree outdoor unit



   Product Features GPd DC inverter multi air conditioning unit Gree independent research and development of the latest generation of inverter air conditioner unit, is composed of a cold wind outdoor unit connected to several identical or different type, capacity, direct evaporative cooling systems into a single indoor unit, to one or more post-processing area provides direct air conditioning units; unit capacity ranges from 10.0kW ~ 90.0kW, 20.0kW or less capacity units which is mainly used for home sites, small office buildings and shopping malls, and major 20.0kW or more units for large office buildings, manufacturing plants, shopping malls and other commercial establishments. The unit uses a DC inverter compressor technology leadership and unique designs, and optimized cooling system, so that better performance, higher energy efficiency, more reliable operation, installation more convenient.

stable and reliable system design industry-leading DC inverter sine wave drive control technology, compressors softer and continuously variable operation, strong guarantee reliable operation of the compressor and the capacity of the frequency of the output; unit adopts mature Gree the PI control algorithm technology, indoor and outdoor temperature is determined separately, the indoor unit capacity, set different temperature conditions determine the ability of the compressor output, and other manufacturers of similar products used in a simple decision-making capacity output of the compressor relative ability of the indoor unit ratio, Gree inverter operating frequency multi-line continuous steady, more accurate refrigerant distribution, cooling speed is more reasonable, the ambient temperature and the set temperature difference is smaller.


   Gree indoor unit


   Gree air duct machine e Series - ultra-thin body
When the newest e-Series machine air conditioning duct, the engineers during the design, people-oriented, making upholstery process, can be completely integrated into the late decoration out of the effect is more beautiful, it does not affect the home life. From the design of the model itself, a number of models of models, wherein the overall thickness of between 200-260 mm, an inch of gold patch of land for modern living room, it will not take up too much space, tiny room installation nor after the compact.
Gree air duct machine e Series - nimble
During the time of operation, there are detailed instructions on the machine Chinese presentation, and during the operation of the remote control, the user can see at a glance how it is done, you know how to operate. Installed in a room, they usually can control multiple machines, most of the time up to 16 units, the effect is also very good.
Gree air duct machine e Series - flexible installation
Gree launched this e series duct machine, during the time of installation, the unit can choose to use terms with the pump, the pump is about 1 m, the general staff of the installation process can be completed, but also by the need for professional training personnel, rather than what they do personnel to operate. Different installations specific situation is not the same, so the next time the wind and return air so arranged after installation, you need to master a flexible, easy to use rational thought dominated late.
Gree air duct machine e Series - reliable operation and easy maintenance
E Series duct machine, quite beautiful shape, add a little bright colors for the home. Once you get started, do not worry about what the long-running problem, and vibration, low noise, low loss of the appliance itself. Even if there is a problem, because the use of plastic blades, pinch and other forms, simple and quick repairs, spend less.