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   Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, have gone through a hundred years of history, among the world's top 500 integrated enterprise, with their own owned by the world's leading science and technology and manufacturing processes, in order to solve various problems facing human society, creating the future for a better life and make unremitting efforts!
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. stationed in China since the cause of hot and cold, combined with China's market demand, tailored specifically for Chinese users to lead the industry trend of various types of high-end air-conditioning products. These products are not only the integration of the various areas of extreme technical product contains the same period the manufacturing process and energy conservation, and environmental protection standards is completely done with the world.


   Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the outdoor unit





   Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a multi-type frequency home central air conditioning KX6 mini series, one outdoor unit can be connected to 6 indoor units, the outdoor compressor DC inverter dual-rotor compressor, can open the case (the number of units, the indoor temperature setting, etc.) according to the indoor unit , real-time adjustment of the frequency of the compressor, on-demand output. Achieve stable operation at full load, partial load is low frequency energy-saving operation.
Unique tube heat exchanger as a cooling device, so that the model size than other brands of the same capacity is reduced by 34%, 35% weight reduction, material savings reduce losses, the industry's smallest outdoor unit.
Of course, a small return is small, but its ability large, although greatly reduced size, weight, refrigeration, heating capacity has not diminished, characterize the energy levels of IPLV (C) values up to 6.32, much higher than other brands of similar products.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries K standard central air conditioning KX6-Q series single outdoor unit specifications include 4 to 6, 8 to 12, 14 to 16, 18 to 24 (expandable to 48 can be combined)




   MHI indoor units



   Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has a series of wind machines use advantages, mainly divided into the following points:
First, the effect of having a high cost, set refrigeration, heating as one, strong ability to control the temperature of the season, from the static, noise and other indicators of the whole, are excellent, and the new products also incorporate the latest fashion trends, the appearance looks more stylish and beautiful;
Second, the use of UI series inverter system, from PAM + PWM inverter controller to dual-mode DC inverter compressors and other hardware devices are using the most forward-looking international technology, not only material selection is very good, while the production process is also very advanced;
Third, the flexible drainage measures, taking into account the factors of the series of drainage equipment, so that everyone is more convenient to use. Moreover, the power will restart function was added to further protect the safety of users, so that we truly rest assured that the use of air conditioning.
Mitsubishi Heavy wind machines has many years of history, as has been adhering to the concept of consumer services, it is also in constant progress, constant innovation, as much as possible to meet consumer demand.