Air Conditioning

Remote control failure is what reason

May be no electricity or remote control receiver fault, need to on-site maintenance service personnel.

Central air conditioning FAQs

1. Problem: Discovery evaporation pressure is too low, how to deal with
Cause: Insufficient cooling load small amount of cold water orifice plates evaporator heat transfer tube failure due to scale and other pollution insufficient amount of refrigerant leaving the heat transfer deterioration
Solution: Check the cold water circuit, so that the water reaches the rated amount of cold water to check automatic start and stop device check the temperature setting is smooth sweeping expansion orifice tube heat pipe to the required amount of refrigerant added
2. Problem: how do the condensing pressure is too high
Cause: insufficient cooling capacity of the cooling tower to reduce water cold water temperature is too high. Cooling capacity is too large, there is the condenser load increase non-condensable gas due to the presence of the condenser tubes scale pollution, heat transfer deterioration Solution: Check the cooling water circuit, adjusted to the rated flow cooling tower inspection check the expansion orifice tube, so that cold water temperature is close to the rated temperature as soon as possible to exclude non-condensable gas scavenging pipe
 3. Question: how to deal with low oil pressure difference
Cause: The oil filter clogging oil pressure regulator valve (drain valve) open through the large pump output pressure gauge oil reduces bearing wear (or sensor) failure excess refrigerant mixed in the lubricating oil (from oil due to start bubble leaving the low oil pressure)
Solution: Replace the oil filter off a small oil pressure regulator valve of the hydraulic oil pressure given rise to the disintegration of check and replace the bearing oil pressure gauge to check and re-calibration of the pressure sensor, be sure to replace the oil heater into the refrigerator after stopping, if necessary, to keep given oil (to confirm whether the disconnection oil heater, oil heater temperature setpoint control is correct)
 4. Problem: how to deal with cold water too cold
 Reason: cold water amount is less cold and less load
 Solution: Check the cold water circuit, so that the cold water reaches the cold load pick-up wait Rating
 5. Question: pump overload response method
 Reason: bad oil pump too much resistance
Solution: Check the oil pump disintegration of inspection systems, such as oil filters, etc., if necessary, replace
 6. Question: how do high oil temperature
   Answer: Reason: oil cooler due to reduced ability to filter network refrigerant leaving the oil cooler clogged insufficient supply of cooling refrigerant bearing wear
 Approach: adjust oil temperature regulating valve after cleaning the disintegration of the refrigerant filter network to repair or replace bearings
 7. Problem: without water phenomenon processing method
Reason: less than the amount of cold water differential pressure gauge malfunction
Solution: Check the chilled water pumps and cold water circuit to adjust the normal flow differential pressure gauge overhaul
 8. Question: how do the main motor winding overheating
Cause: The power supply phase voltage imbalance of power line voltage drop in the first run because of the large extreme low-energy filter of the refrigerant supplied to the main filter clogging leaving the motor cooling refrigerant amount shortage
Approach: take measures to balance the power supply phase voltage power line to take measures to reduce the voltage drop of the refrigerant filter cleaning

Air conditioning Boot no response

1. Problem: The power outage or blown fuse
  Answer: Check whether the power outage, the plug and socket outlet is loose repair and replace burned fuses.
2. Question: Power supply voltage is too low
  Answer: The supply voltage is below 10% of rated voltage should identify the reasons
3. Question: switch failure
  Answer: Is there a connection selection switch off, mechanical failure, use a multimeter to check whether conduction, if the melting point is not turned on, should be replaced with the same type, size selection switch.
4. Question: thermostat failure
  Answer: put the thermostat knob to the lowest temperature profile, if it makes the compressor starts, should be further treated with a multimeter to check whether the contact is turned on, the thermostat contact is still turned on, should be replaced if the new room temperature is high controller.
5. Question: compressor motor burnout
  Answer: hermetic compressors motor windings with a multimeter, if found to have short circuit and touch the shell to pass the same model specifications should be replaced compressor.
6. Question: card compressor cylinder axle
  The answer: with a rubber truncheon or wood hammer percussion pad vibration of the compressor housing, the compressor may start running, but still valid, replace the compressor.
7. Question: crystal or reset circuit fault
  Answer: Replace the defective component

The air conditioner running, but not cooling (or heating)

1. The problem: shortage of refrigerant or leak
  Answer: leak, after the trap was evacuated, according to the provisions of the refrigerant make up
  2. Question: cooling system blockage
  The answer: by observation method evaporator condensation and pressure gauges Service pressure values determine whether the system is blocked, and the system for processing.
  3. Question: fan is not running or insufficient air flow
  Answer: Check the fan motor is burned, wiring is wrong, if the fan should be replaced with a new motor burned.
  4. Problem: too much dust filter
  Answer: Clean the filter
  5. Question: electric heater failure, short circuit or open circuit
  Answer: The replacement of the electric heater
  6. Problem: Low efficiency of the compressor itself
  Answer: The replacement of the compressor
  7. Problem: Excessive refrigerant
  Answer: The release of excess refrigerant system
  8. Question: room temperature, temperature of open or short circuit
  Answer: Replace the bulb or associated components
  9. Question: compressor relay can not be closed normally
  Answer: Replace the compressor relay

Leaking air

1. Problem: too much fouling drain pan, drain clogging
   Answer: Clear water tray, open the drain hole
2. Question: condensate drain bend or squash
   Answer: Check the drain, when replacement of damaged

Open the air conditioner frequently stops

1. Problem: too much fouling drain pan, drain clogging
   Answer: Clear water tray, open the drain hole
2. Question: condensate drain bend or squash
   Answer: Check the drain, when replacement of damaged

Insufficient air conditioner

1. Problem: the thermostat set temperature is too high
  Answer: to reduce the set temperature
2. The problem: the filter is dirty, blocked air inlet
  Answer: Clean the filter
3. Question: outdoor condenser wind is bad, there are obstacles blocking
  Answer: cleaning the condenser
4. Question: supply voltage instability
  Answer: regulated supply voltage
5. Question: indoor tightness is not enough, people in and out frequently, indoor heating device
  Answer: adjust the indoor environment
6. Question: outdoor temperature is too high, higher than 43 degrees
  Answer: Stop
7. Question: insufficient or excess refrigerant
  The answer: make up the refrigerant system or release excess refrigerant
8. Question: door or window open
  Answer: Close doors and windows
9. Question: air inlet and outlet obstructions
Answer: Remove the obstructions